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Advantages of using Html5 + CSS3

China Internet Marketing Promotion Expert

One: Most browsers support it, no problem with lower versions

I look at this information for the purpose of making a mobile application website (there are three solutions, this is a backup solution), you can develop a responsive website, you can cross the platform without the development platform.

The introduction of Modernizr in Html5 web pages will enable IE to support new HTML5 elements.

Rapid development of HTML5 boilerplate files (

2: Layout and labeling save time and effort
[html] view plaincopyprint? <header> <!-Semantic equivalent of <div class = "header">-> <nav> navigation </ nav> </ header>

In this way, the developer does not need to mark the end position of the tag, which is convenient for positioning and easy for search engines to judge.

<header> defines the header of the page or section;

<footer> defines the end of the page or section;

<nav> Defines the (main) navigation area of a page or section;

<section> A logical area or combination of content on the page, such as one for "introduction" and another for "news list."

<article> defines the text or a complete piece of content that can be pasted directly elsewhere, such as "blog body".

<aside> Defines supplementary or related content, sidebars, advertising columns, etc.

<a> Tags can contain multiple tags
[html] view plaincopyprint? <a href="index.html"> <h2> 一 </ h2> <img src = "home.jpg"> </a>

<vedio>, <audio> Quickly add video and audio
[html] view plaincopyprint? <video src = "myVideo.ogg" controls w idth = "640" height = "480"> Here you are not using a browser that supports HTML5 </ video> // controls playback control bar; support ogg and mp4 formats; responsive video: in normal cases you can use max-width: 100% height: auto, if it is an external <iframe> video, use the FitVids jQuery plugin

Three: offline web applications

Specify which files are accessible offline through the .manifest file

Four: More flexible CSS3

01. Can display text in multiple columns

column-width: 12em; // I tried a few browsers and it seems that many are invalid ~

02. Numerous selectors

body [id = "2 ^"] {} // Label with id starting with "2"

li: first-child, li: last-child // For the first and last items of the list

[html] view plaincopyprint? li: nth-child (2n + 1) // From the "1" th li element, every "2" color is red color: red;} <ul> <li> һһһһһ </ li >

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