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  • We all know that the cost of promoting a new product is huge and requires a lot of expensive advertising. However, once you go online, you know what information you can get from the people watching your page. Websites are the cheapest market you can enter, and they give you an idea of what your customers think of your product, which is faster, easier and cheaper than any other market.

    We can help you check the diagnosis of website problems and the upgrade of search engine optimization on the website!
    If you find that your website is no longer representative of your brand image, then we can help you improve your new image! Let you quickly increase your website's visibility!

In general, the production of a website is the sum of a series of tasks such as positioning the page structure, reasonable layout, image word processing, program design, and database design. It is also a way to display the pictures of the website designer in HTML. Tasks, front-end engineer tasks include: website design, website user experience, website Js effect, website production and other work. Website production is the position of planner, network programmer, web design, etc., applying various network program development techniques and web design techniques to build sites on the global Internet for enterprises, institutions, companies or individuals, including domain name registration and hosting Generic term for services.
Website production requires three basic conditions: website virtual space, domain name, and database of dynamic website. Website virtual space is used to store website files, such as picture information, html files, php files, etc., which is equivalent to a hard disk space. The domain name refers to the address of the website. The database of the dynamic website is used to store member information and data tables used by dynamic pages. The website data here is not the website's html files, image information, etc., and refers to the messages, personal information, etc. submitted by website visitors. No database support is required. With the improvement of the consistency of the browser and W3C standards, and the increase in the recognition of formless web design, the design of hyperdocument markup language and cascading style sheets for web content has been widely accepted and used. The latest standards and recommendations are for the expansion and improvement of browser capabilities, enabling them to transmit multimedia information and more options to users without the need for plug-ins.

Production process:
1. Apply for a domain name
2. Buy space
3. Locate the website
4. Analyze website requirements
5. Website style design
6. Website code production
7. Test the website
8. FTP upload website
9. Website Maintenance
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We will provide you with suggestions to help you establish an online brand image and prepare a solid online brand foundation for later online brand promotion and product promotion.

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