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  • We all know that the cost of promoting a new product is huge and requires a lot of expensive advertising. However, once you go online, you know what information you can get from the people watching your page. Websites are the cheapest market you can enter, and they give you an idea of what your customers think of your product, which is faster, easier and cheaper than any other market.

    We can help you check the diagnosis of website problems and the upgrade of search engine optimization on the website!
    If you find that your website is no longer representative of your brand image, then we can help you improve your new image! Let you quickly increase your website's visibility!


1. What is website optimization ?
Website optimization is also an abbreviation of SEO, called Search Engine Optimization. It is a search engine collection and rules summarized over a long period of time to adjust the program, content, sections, layout, etc. of the website to make it easier for the website to be indexed by search engines. Take advantage of relevant keywords in search engines.

2. What are the basic elements of a website to obtain a long-term stable position?
>> If you choose domestic space, the domain name must be recorded first.
>> Select a stable and secure server (space), and the network speed is stable.
>> The website title, keyword tags, and website description tags should not be changed frequently.

3. What factors will seriously affect the long-term stability of SEO optimization?
◆ Websites often fail to open.
◆ Buy a lot of external links.
◆ Participate in link factories or purchase some mass distribution software.
◆ Buy so-called SEO optimization software, SEO ranking clicker.

4. Is there an SEO to quickly optimize keyword placement?
I can tell you for sure that anyone who provides fast SEO is a liar.
Any formal SEO takes time. In order to facilitate your understanding, let's just say it. In fact, we can understand SEO optimization in this way. Any website has a certain score on Baidu (Google), and the score is high. It will be in the forefront of Baidu and Google. Websites that have not been optimized usually have low initial scores. The SEO optimization we are doing now is to fully optimize the website for different rating criteria of Baidu or Google, so that the website gets a higher score. But Baidu Google's rating of a website is unlikely to give results in a day or two. It usually takes 15 days-about 90 days for the inspection period and evaluation period. When the scoring period is over, your website is out. Among them, Baidu Google's scoring period, we have a masterpiece internal update period, which is different from Baidu snapshot.

So why are any scammers offering fast SEO?
The answer is here, because the scoring period is determined internally by Baidu and Google. Any SEO optimizer cannot change it. When it comes to position adjustment, the decision is on Baidu side, not on SEO optimizer side.

5. Someone on the Internet said that the website can be the first place within a week? is that true?
Yes, but it went up quickly, and it was quickly dropped by Baidu K.
SEO technology is divided into "white hat SEO" and "black hat SEO". "White hat" in English is whitehat, which refers to those SEO technologies that use formal methods to make the site's position rise naturally. "Black hat" means "blackhot" in English.
The technology used by "black hat" SEO is explicitly prohibited by search engines, and search engines have a high degree of discrimination against cheating on websites. Once a website that has used "black hat" technology is found by a search engine, it may be significantly lowered in position, or it may disappear from the search results forever and at the same time disappear from the eyes of users.
Most of the businesses that choose black hat SEO services are because they do not understand technology and are deceived by service providers without understanding the value of SEO. The other part only focuses on short-term benefits and has a mentality of making a fortune.

Boqiang Technology teaches you how to identify black hats and white hats:
1. Black hat both uses cheating methods to improve keyword ranking. Features: The rankings increase quickly, but once discovered by Baidu, the snapshots are directly K or downgraded, resulting in the domain name being scrapped.
2. White hats both use cheating methods to improve keyword ranking. Features: Although the ranking improvement time is slightly longer, it is generally firm after ranking on the first page, and it will not be punished by search engines.
3. Black hat and white hat judging criteria: purely manual operations are regular SEO, which is a white hat that will never cause engine punishment. Anything that is beyond the reach of manual operation is cheating, including: Software, machines, traffic injection and other operations are all black hats.
4. We promise to all customers that all operations of our company are purely manual pipeline operation, to ensure that no software and traffic injection are used, please rest assured.

Friendly links and PR values:
1. The PR value is called PageRank (page level), which is a rating of Google for certain aspects of the website. The evaluation criteria are roughly: the length of the website and the scale of the website.
2.PR has nothing to do with Google rankings, and has nothing to do with Baidu rankings. Many amateur SEO people generally have misunderstandings on this point, and believe that friendship with high PR sites helps improve website rankings.

Analysis of the advantages of station optimization:
Compared with Baidu's bidding ranking, doing keyword optimization on the website can directly improve the ranking of the website in the search engine; the advantages are as follows:
1. Many search engines rank high: Not only Baidu, but also Google, Sohu, Sina, Soso, Yahoo and other well-known search engines will also have good ranking results. "Spend the same money, make up the six" Don't let go of every possible target customer.
2. One investment, long-term effective: After the website is optimized, it can generally maintain a good ranking for more than one year; greatly save costs.
3. Zero cost clicks: Free and free clicks, zero cost brings a large number of target customers.
4. Avoid competitors ’malicious clicks: Effectively avoid competitors’ malicious clicks when doing Baidu auction rankings. There are statistics that more than 50% of clicks are from competitors' malicious clicks!
5. Avoid Baidu traps and reduce costs: Avoid invalid paid clicks caused by Baidu's word segmentation search and smart matching, and reduce marketing costs.
6. Highlight the brand advantage: the website in the forefront of the search results can give customers a visual impression of the site "valuable and powerful"

If you're a customer suffering from an "Internet Service Trap" ...
Submit a demand; the first step to improving your online marketing If you are worried about your website image ...
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We will provide you with suggestions to help you establish an online brand image and prepare a solid online brand foundation for later online brand promotion and product promotion.

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