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Development Process

The general process of software design ideas and methods includes algorithms and methods for designing software functions and implementation, software overall structure design and module design, programming and debugging, program debugging and testing, and writing and submitting programs.
1. Before we do a project, we must first communicate with customers. What is the purpose of communicating with customers? It is to understand the needs of users, and make a basic function of the software to implement according to the needs of customers. This is also called customer needs analysis. This step is very important in the entire development process. If you do not even understand the most basic needs of the customer, then this software is unlikely to satisfy the customer.
2. Requirement analysis: Three things are needed at this stage, user view [2], data dictionary and user operation manual. The user view is the page style that the software users (including end users and administrative users) can see. It contains many operational processes and conditions. The data dictionary is the stuff that indicates the logical relationship of the data and organizes it. After the data dictionary is completed, the database design is more than half completed. The user operation manual is a manual indicating the operation flow.
3. Outline design: preliminary division of system function modules, and give reasonable R & D process and resource requirements. As a rapid prototyping method, you can enter the coding stage after completing the outline design. This method is usually used because the research and development tasks involved are in a new field. Technical executives can't give a clear detailed design specification when they come up, but it is not to say that The design specification is not important. In fact, after the rapid prototyping method is completed, the detailed design steps need to be re-performed based on the evaluation results and lessons learned.
4. After completing the outline design, we also need to explain it in detail, and explain which small functions are included in each function one by one; so that the developer has a clear goal in the development process to ensure the development work Reasonable allocation and management.
5. Coding: In the standardized research and development process, the coding work will not exceed 1/2 at most in the entire project process, usually in 1/3 of the time. Efficiency will be greatly improved. Coordination and collaboration between different modules during coding is the most careful. Maybe a problem with a small module may affect the overall progress, so many programmers are forced to stop working and wait. This problem has occurred in many research and development processes.
6. In the software testing phase, we cannot think that our coding is complete and the software is over. In the software development process, testing is also very important; testing mainly includes unit testing and combined testing using Junit tools. Only tests can tell you if there is a bug in this software, and you can know the robustness of the software. Mutual communication and emergency solutions when coding are very important. For programmers, bugs always exist. You must always face this problem. The famous Microsoft has had no patches for three consecutive months. ? there has never been!
7. Test a well-written system. Leave it to the user to use. The user confirms each function one by one after use, and then accepts it. To develop a good software, there must be a good development process; only if we follow the process and do it step by step, we can develop a good software, which shows that a good development process is critical.
Take an example:
1 A company wanted to find someone to build a set of personnel management software. They learned from a certain channel that we provided such a service, so they contacted us.
2 We will send specialized software engineers to them to understand what we want to design for them, and then come back and make a plan for them. The content of the plan includes: What is the approximate interface of the software we developed? Who is it convenient for? Who can use what features? How convenient is it? What are the approximate hardware requirements?
3 After they saw the plan, they determined that they wanted to make a software like this, and I started to develop this software.
4 We use the developed software for them. Where is the use of the software inconvenient or where it fails to meet the requirements, we will modify these functions as soon as possible until all the functions they require can be perfect Get rid of.

Development language

Common software development languages: JAVA, C / C ++ / php / JSP / ASP / PB / DELPHI / .NET / C # / vb / etc.
The most critical and application needs to use a database, we often say that the database, common database: MySQL / SQLSERVER / ORACLE and so on.
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