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  • We all know that the cost of promoting a new product is huge and requires a lot of expensive advertising. However, once you go online, you know what information you can get from the people watching your page. Websites are the cheapest market you can enter, and they give you an idea of what your customers think of your product, which is faster, easier and cheaper than any other market.

    We can help you check the diagnosis of website problems and the upgrade of search engine optimization on the website!
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Website construction has gone from purely manual website construction, fool website construction to feature-rich and intelligent website construction , which has solved the needs of a large number of enterprises for initial website construction. With the rapid development of website building technology, users have become more and more demanding on the website's personalization, and users in different industries have increasingly different requirements for website functions, column content, and design styles. Customized websites range from demand communication to solution planning, from design to sample to website production, from repeated modification to website commissioning. Not only does the website construction service provider bear high service costs, but customers also suffer from back and forth. The market needs a personalized, ready-made website that is closer to the needs of customers in different industries, so that customers can intuitively see the full effect of the website, greatly shortening the process of website customization from demand communication to completion of website construction. This is the finished website.

The finished product website is a subdivided study of various industries and websites. Professionals have carefully planned, designed, and produced a large number of ready-made websites. They are classified and displayed in the website supermarket and packaged for sale. Users can install the finished product website on their own host space. The design style, column layout planning, and test content of each finished website are made with reference to the actual website requirements and cases in the industry to make it closer to the final needs of industry users. Each finished website provides online demos and trial experiences, allowing users to fully understand the design and features of the website. A finished website management system carefully created by a team with ten years of experience in intelligent website development, with visual mouse drag layout and flexible plug-in setting functions, more than thirty website function modules can be installed and uninstalled as required, and various plug-in templates can be downloaded from resources. Download and use in the sharing area to facilitate the initial production of personalized websites. The website layout production function is separated from the daily management functions. End users use convenient management functions and can perform daily maintenance of the website by typing.

The finished product website supermarket currently has nearly 600 carefully crafted finished product websites, and it is constantly increasing. We adhere to the consistent philosophy of mutual benefit and win-win development with our partners for many years. We only provide finished products websites to our agents and partners, and provide independent agent platforms. Partners customize their service brands, handle customer orders independently, and enjoy customer information independently. Worry about expanding your business.

Each finished website is equipped with a powerful website management system with the following features:

First, the visual mouse drag typesetting can easily insert plug-ins in the webpage, drag and drop positioning and change the size of the plug-in, set the border style of the plug-in and the display parameters of the plug-in flexibly, set the background of the webpage flexibly, the webpage layout is fully visualized, WYSIWYG Website creation is as convenient and easy to play as building blocks;

Second, the flexible combination of plug-ins, borders, menus and arbitrary positioning Plug-in at the front desk of the website, you can insert and flexibly set display rules. Plug-in style templates and plug-in border templates can be individually set, flexibly combined, and positioned randomly; multiple sets of navigation menus can be inserted, and the menu content and style are separated. You can choose different navigation menu types, menu styles, and color combinations, and flexibly combine and position them arbitrarily. . The website no longer sticks to the designed layout template, allowing you to get rid of the constraints of the layout frame and enjoy the fun of creativity;

Third, the background layout and plug-in typesetting scheme make the website production faster. Both the website background layout and the plug-in typesetting scheme can save the scheme. The scheme can be applied during the website production process, making it easier to copy the web page style and the website production faster.

4. Modular website functions, more convenient for installation and uninstallation Various website function modules can be installed or uninstalled as required. When users need to add website functions, they can add modules to avoid re-creating the website. Websites with simple requirements can use fewer function modules to prevent unnecessary functions from increasing the service cost of website construction.

Fifth, the flexible installation of rich plug-in resources Through the online APP store to select various navigation menus, advertising special effects, content display and other plug-ins, as well as borders, background pictures and other resources, online automatic installation, making personalized website customization more convenient.

6. The website production function is separated from the daily management function, and the daily website maintenance is more convenient. The initial production functions such as website layout, module installation, and plug-in settings can be set with separate permissions and relatively separated. Daily website maintenance requires only convenient background management functions. Common functions can be added to the background shortcut menu, which is more convenient for users' daily management.

7. Humanized content publishing and management functions Various publishing and management functions adopt humanized AJAX technology to avoid page refresh and have a good user experience.

Eight, flexible management permissions and member permissions configuration Multiple administrators can be set in the background to freely configure various management permissions. Dozens of subdivided member permission items, you can configure the default permissions by member type, or you can configure the permissions of individual members, and you can configure the user's submission and publishing permissions and moderator management permissions by category; the member module can also be installed or uninstalled as needed .

Nine, rich function modules, powerful website functions There are more than thirty kinds of website function modules for users to choose from. With self-defined content, grouped web pages, news articles, picture display, product display, video display, file download, friendship links, advertising management and other website content management function modules; member management, user comments, message feedback, talent recruitment and other interactive function modules There are also special function modules such as online shopping, online meal ordering, exhibition information, and hospital outpatient appointments.

X. DIV + CSS layout and custom webpage title keyword settings are conducive to search engine inclusion. Using div + css layout, you can customize the webpage title and keywords, which is conducive to search engine inclusion and save website promotion costs.
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