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Website Construction / Website Production / Web Design

Adopt the complete separation technology of front and background, and use template technology (tag loop nesting, judgment tags, custom tags, file loop nesting, etc.) plus template technology. The whole site generates pure static pages.

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Website seo

Search engine optimization / keyword ranking optimization / website SEO overall optimization

For Baidu, 360, Google, Sogou, Soso, Bing, Youdao mainstream search engines, provide customers with professional optimization solutions.

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Finished Website

1200 yuan enterprise website / product website / quick website system

Quickly build a website. The finished website is a fully-made ready-made website, allowing you to quickly and intelligently build a website, reducing the cost of building a corporate website, visually dragging and typesetting, building a website when you type. Save money.

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Boqiang Technology provides professional website construction, web design, revision, production for government agencies, institutions, and business units in Huangshi and surrounding areas (Daye, Yangxin, Huangshi Port, Xisai Mountain, Xialu, Tieshan, Economic and Technological Development). Network companies that optimize promotion services
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